Why You Should Incorporate Body Butter into Your Nightly Routine

Cooler temperatures are here! This means that our skin needs extra TLC to avoid the much dreaded flaking and dryness. Applying a good body butter as part of your nightly routine after a warm shower is a simple and effective way to ensure your skin stays healthy, smooth, and supple.


At Pure Body Bar, our whipped body butters are made with a few key ingredients that are extra nourishing to the skin. Some of you may be wondering what makes these ingredients so great – so we wanted to quickly break it all down for you!


Avocado Butter

Did you know that avocado is naturally rich in Vitamins A, D, and E, as well as unsaturated fatty acids? These are all beneficial to the skin and health in general. Not only is avocado butter extremely moisturizing, it can also help pre-mature aging and wrinkles, reduce dark marks, and prevent sun damage. It is ideal for all skin types.


Mango Butter

Similar to avocado butter, mango butter is known for its moisturizing properties and its ability to help repair dry & damaged skin. It can also protect the skin against the harsh effects of environmental elements. We can’t totally control what’s floating around in our surroundings, but we can certainly make smart choices when it comes to what we put onto our skin! We personally love mango butter because unlike other butters like cocoa or shea, unrefined mango butter has an almost non-existent aroma, allowing the scents of our essential oils to shine through! Best of all, it is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores or aggravate sensitive, acne-prone skin.


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is packed with nutrients like Vitamin E and B, and plenty of antioxidants and minerals that work together to nourish and protect the skin. We use organic, cold-pressed jojoba oil, which has the highest level of these nutrients! If you like to be in the sun a lot and are prone to getting sunburn, jojoba oil may just become your best friend and save you from excessive peeling! It also has anti-microbial properties, so it’s awesome for those looking to keep breakouts at bay.


Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Every batch of whipped body butter is infused with meadowfoam seed oil, which similar to mango butter, also offers good protection from the elements. Combined with avocado & mango butter and jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil promotes softer, plumper skin.


Essential Oils

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing properties, essential oils in general are used to address different skin concerns. We use top-quality, pure essential oils that not only offer these benefits, but also smell amazing without being overpowering! Needless to say, they are a perfect addition to a solid nightly routine before bed.


New to the world of body butters? Try incorporating our bathroom staples in your nightly routine! The lemongrass scented one is a year-round favorite, but we are personally crushing on the rosemary-sage aroma for fall.

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