What’s the Difference Between Body Butter & Lotion?

At a quick glance, both body butters and lotions seem to do the same thing – moisturize the skin. But, there are notable differences between the two! Depending on your skin type, you may prefer one over the other. But usually, many like to switch over to body butter in fall/winter because the cold brings along a bevy of skin issues like dryness and cracking. We personally love using body butter year-round, so there’s no harm in that too.


Wondering if body butter is right for you? Let’s take a look at two key differences between body butters and lotions:


Lotion is Lighter than Body Butter

If you are looking for some lightweight moisture, lotion is great. It’s basically an emulsion blend of water and oils, which is perfect for people without overly dry skin. If you are bothered by dry skin though, then body butter may be better for you. Though it can be more greasy and feel heavier if too much is applied, it is extremely hydrating. The oils in body butter are not diluted with water, so we like to think of it as a super concentrated moisturizer. Trust us when we say that a little bit goes a LONG way! You really do not need a whole lot to see and feel results.


Body Butter is Raw; Lotions are Refined

You’ll notice that with lotion, the consistency is going to more or less be the same regardless of temperature. Since our body butters are made with pure & raw ingredients, the consistency may vary depending on the temperature. Similar to regular butter, body butters may harden if kept somewhere cool, or become softer if kept somewhere warm. For our customers living in hot climates, we recommend placing the body butters in the fridge for a little bit immediately upon receiving the package. This way, the butter won’t be totally melted and can restore most of its original texture. Then, it should be ready to be used and stored at room temperature!


The Verdict?

Body butters are not only more satisfying to apply (hello, whipped goodness!), they will also always provide you with enough moisture. Lotion may be sufficient for some, but might not address all of your skin’s needs. For those with dry skin all over, body butters are perfect! Those with patches of dry skin may get away with using lotion for the most part and applying body butter only on the spots that need extra TLC.

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