Body Butter Top Picks for Summer

Triple digits have officially become the new norm once again here in Palm Springs, and we are looking forward to spending more cool days at the beach. It’s truly incredible how the weather is so drastically different just 2.5 hours from us! We’ve had people ask us what our body butter top picks for summer are – and decided to share them with you on this blog post. Let’s get right into it!

Moonlight Beach is a no-brainer for summer. If you didn’t already know, while we call Palm Springs home, we also spend a lot of our time in Encinitas (more so now that it’s so hot). Our love for Moonlight Beach inspired us to put her in a jar for everyone to enjoy all over the world! The main notes are eucalyptus and spearmint, with hints of atlas cedarwood, lime, cypress, and vetiver. The blend exudes a refreshingly (but not overwhelmingly) sweet, yet woody coastal aroma. If you’re looking for a subtle gender neutral scent, this is a great choice!

Lemongrass is our bestseller especially among our women clientele. It’s honestly suitable for all seasons. Here’s a little fun fact about lemongrass that makes this one extra amazing for summer: It’s a natural bug repellant! It is reported to provide a 98.8% protection against the common house mosquito. When applied topically, it could provide protection of 74-95% for 2.5 hours! This percentage may vary with our body butter though, as the essential oil is mixed in with other skin-loving ingredients like avocado butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, and meadowfoam seed oil.

Sandalwood is a year-round favorite for our male clientele. It is very subtle, yet energizing. The primary note is Australian sandalwood, blended with Atlas cedarwood and cypress to produce a smoky woody aroma, and grapefruit to sweeten it just a tad. If you’re looking for a body butter that reminds you of the great outdoors, this one may be for you!


Sampler & Travel Set is a great alternative if you’re not ready to commit to one or two scents in full-sized 4 oz jars. Experience four of our popular scents at the moment: lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, and jasmine. The minis are packaged in 1 oz jars, making them perfect little travel companions on your next road trip or flight.


Not seeing what you’re looking for? Shop our full collection and let us know what your favorite summer scented body butter is!

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