Maintain a Sunless Tan with Our All-Natural Body Butter

Let’s face it – with the cold winter months ahead of us, we won’t be seeing the sun as much. This is when many resort to a good ol’ sunless tan to keep that enviable summer glow year-round. We have no shame in a good fake bake – but all you avid self-tanners will know that the after-care maintenance absolutely makes or breaks how long the tan lasts, and how it fades!


If you are looking for a streak-free, even tan that will fade evenly over time, then it’s crucial to moisturize often.


SEASONED SELF-TANNER PRO TIP: Moisturize the body twice a day with our whipped body butter – once in the morning and once at night after a warm shower. Damp skin absorbs moisture and stays hydrated longer! This will help keep the glow in place and prevent the spray tan from flaking off pre-maturely.


Another thing to be mindful of when it comes to moisturizing for a long-lasting tan is ingredients in a lotion or body butter. You’ll want to stay away from anything with exfoliating agents in them, or anything that contains strong ingredients like AHA’s, glycolic, lactic citric, TCA, tartaric, salicylic acids, BHA’s, Vitamin C treatments or serums, anti-acne products, and toners, to name a few. These ingredients tend to have drying and astringent effects, which may strip off your tan. Avoid using products with ingredients you’ve never heard of or can’t pronounce – as it’s likely not going to do your tan any good.


When it comes to keeping that tanned skin moisturized, simpler is better. At the end of the day, you just want to hydrate it as much as you can to keep your skin from shedding off the top layer which has been bronzed.


Stumped for what to use to keep your skin happy? You can always count on our all-natural whipped body butters, which are made of pure ingredients that are tan-friendly and safe for all skin types!

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