5 Reasons Why Jojoba Oil is Your Skin’s Ultimate BFF

When creating the perfect body butter formula, our number one priority was picking the best quality ingredients that are highly nourishing to the skin, while keeping in mind that “less is more.” One of our key ingredients is jojoba oil. It’s one of those carrier oils that offer so many benefits for the skin; once […]

Wholesale Buyers, We are on Faire!


Are you a retailer thinking about carrying Pure Body Bar products in your store? Whether you’re a gift shop, salon/spa, or a subscription-based company looking for fillers, we’ve got you covered!   We proudly present our handcrafted all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan whipped body butters which your customers will enjoy. They are made in small batches […]

Body Butter Top Picks for Summer

Triple digits have officially become the new norm once again here in Palm Springs, and we are looking forward to spending more cool days at the beach. It’s truly incredible how the weather is so drastically different just 2.5 hours from us! We’ve had people ask us what our body butter top picks for summer […]

Avocado Butter as Natural Sun Protection?

Longer, warm days the next few months mean more fun in the sun! And that’s not totally a bad thing – after all, sunshine helps our bodies convert Vitamin D, is a natural mood booster, and improves our complexion. Nothing screams a good R&R session more than a healthy holiday tan, right? Just don’t forget […]

Maintain a Sunless Tan with Our All-Natural Body Butter

Let’s face it – with the cold winter months ahead of us, we won’t be seeing the sun as much. This is when many resort to a good ol’ sunless tan to keep that enviable summer glow year-round. We have no shame in a good fake bake – but all you avid self-tanners will know […]

What’s the Difference Between Body Butter & Lotion?


At a quick glance, both body butters and lotions seem to do the same thing – moisturize the skin. But, there are notable differences between the two! Depending on your skin type, you may prefer one over the other. But usually, many like to switch over to body butter in fall/winter because the cold brings […]

Why You Should Incorporate Body Butter into Your Nightly Routine


Cooler temperatures are here! This means that our skin needs extra TLC to avoid the much dreaded flaking and dryness. Applying a good body butter as part of your nightly routine after a warm shower is a simple and effective way to ensure your skin stays healthy, smooth, and supple.   At Pure Body Bar, […]